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How I learn Web Development in 2022


Short intro: I started my web development journey in 2012 where jQuery is a big thing.

This is my personal approach, you might or might not follow it

  1. Start with
  • I like to read and follow HTML, CSS
  • Text, Headings, Image, List
  • Copy and paste the example, tweak some value and observe the result
  1. Clone existing UI from famous websites (Facebook, Google, Ecommerce, Blog)
  • Split works into small UI components: top menu, header, sidebar, main content
  • If you are stuck then inspect the existing site using the chrome developer tool (right click and click inspect), toggle CSS to see what keywords actually affect the UI.
  • Resize the browser and see how UI elements adapt to the new size
  1. Learn Javascript by building interactive UI components
  • Tab
  • Collapsible
  • Modal